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Allison Smith

Junior Account Manager

As a full-time student at the University of Albany and Junior Account Manager at Smart Carrier, Allison is passionate about delivering exceptional service to all Smart Carrier clients. She takes pride in collaborating with every department in the company to ensure client satisfaction and promote the success of the organization.

The culture at Smart Carrier is what sets it apart for her. “It’s an incredibly positive and supportive environment where everyone works together to achieve their goals. As a team player, I enjoy leveraging my analytical and communication skills to foster a collaborative culture that empowers our team to succeed,” says Allison.

“I am grateful for the flexibility and self-driven projects at Smart Carrier, which has helped me gain confidence in my role and grow as an employee,” says Allison. Allison is dedicated to her academic pursuits and is continuously striving to develop her knowledge and skills to support her role at Smart Carrier and reach her personal goals.

Outside of work, Allison loves to be with her friends and family. She also has a cat named Millie who keeps her company during long nights of studying.

Allison has an upbeat yet resolute personality and is always wholeheartedly excited to learn something new. She shows others how important it is to be curious and take initiative. If we give her something new, she just runs with it and then she delivers.