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If you think compliance is expensive
try non-compliance

We sell a uniform compliance solution that includes more than tokenization. The platform fee is one that is packaged neatly to be sent out to underline carriers.

Smart Carrier is the “Easy” button to simplify connections - to sign calls and keep your company in compliance.

We provide real-time updates and data that will enable you to make more informed decisions to better suit your entire business.

Our Smart Carrier suite of services, including AI Numbers and answering machine detection is a total compliance ecosystem.

Branded Caller ID

Never let your customers guess who is really calling again. With a Branded CallerID, the caller ID displays a caller's company name, location, logo, and other identifiable information to let the customer know, without a doubt, who is calling them.

STIR/SHAKEN Compliance Management

A call tokenization service using our certificate and key pair or yours. This Service allows us to sign your calls, which ultimately may display a verified checkmark on your recipient’s handset, thereby possibly increasing your contact rates, increasing overall ASR.

SMS-Automated Text Messaging

We offer a beneficial way to automate your texts and reach customers at the right times.

Caller ID Assessment

Our cutting edge CallerID assessment service provides each number with a reputable scoring system that lets you know if a number is being flagged by underlying carriers. STIR/SHAKEN ComplianceWe provide full tokenization generation for STIR/SHAKEN which, as of June 2022, is required by U.S. Federal law that all calls must be signed through the FCC implantation mandate. The TRACED Act required the FCC to mandate the STIR/SHAKEN caller identification framework. Our service also works our SHAKEN Rest Web Service Designed to simplify the rollout of STIR/SHAKEN for organizations that prefer to integrate with web services instead of traditional SIP. This easily integrates into platforms such as Freeswitch, Asterisk, FreePBX, FusionPBX, and many others.

DIDs/Telephone Numbers (Local and Toll Free)

Our network and inter-relationships cover approximately 96% of theUnited States. We offer a different level of tiered DIDs to includeTier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 with the best network quality available.

DID/Telephone Number Management

Our Comprehensive DID Management platform will allow you to see individual number statistics to help you analyze what is happening with your numbers like never before.

Advanced Geoproximation

Advanced Geoproximation uses the most advanced dial pattern algorithms to distinguish area code overlay and provides a seamless experience for your outbound dialer. The main benefit of this service is that it will allow the most accurate, friendly dial patterns that take the guesswork out of which exchange is most beneficial to use to reach each specific client. Another benefit is that it allows your outbound dialer to always have the correct area code for dialing by utilizing pinpoint accuracy without NPA overlap mismatching.
What does this all mean? You have the best chance of customer engagement.

Enhanced Insights

We offer the ability to have an enhanced look at traffic profiles and routing logic. This feature provides portability information, current carrier, carrier type (wireless or landline)and National Do Not Call Registry status for any number.


NumberRisk can determine if your Caller ID is flagged as SPAM/SPAM LIKELY.

Hydrogen Class IV Switch

Our Hydrogen Class IV Switch Platform is an all-in-one solution when you are looking for a completely secure, high performance, easily scalable, platform that comes with a robust routing service, billing, reporting, and automatic alert capabilities, so that you may easily manage your voice and DID origination services, along with being able to take advantage of all our other services offered with complete ease.


Smart Carrier offers a fully hosted and managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that can be used to securely access sensitive and protected resources such as VoIP, database, web, file, and other services. This VPN solution securely encrypts all traffic, is designed for the intense use of VoIP, and can be used by organizations required to operate within a regulatory environment.

Outbound Calling

We offer Outbound Termination Services that include both flat rate and NPA-NXX based rating. We have made a reputation by only providing the best quality. All routes are supported by our network of Tier 1 and CLEC carrier backbones with a 1-HOP away approach.

Disconnected Number Analysis

Number is checked for disconnected status with the underlying service provider.

Call Shaper

Our proprietary Call Shaper module takes away the effort required to implement our solutions. With a simple line of code added into your existing dialer, you can have access to many of our services offered that will operate before an actual call is formed. This will allow you to easily integrate with certain dialer softwares with zero hassle and begin using our services without complication.

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